Executive Limo Bus

Announcing the Addition of an Executive Limo Bus


Executive Limo Bus | Designated Drivers 4 YouDesignated Drivers 4 You has recently announced the addition of the availability of an Executive Limo Bus for use for larger parties booking with us.

“Due to the demand for larger parties to be able to travel together, we have been able to work with one of our partners to make this available to our clients.”, says Christian McCart, President of Designated Drivers 4 You.

Christian goes on to say that part of their mission is to create the best possible experience for their clients, as these events are special moments for them.

To find out more about booking a limo bus for your next event, or to find out more about all of the services provided by Designated Drivers 4 You, you can click on the phone number to call, or click on the contact us button to send us a note. We will be getting back to you.

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